Sweeten Up Your Weekend at Yorktown With These Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

Looking for a way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit? Bake up something sweet in your kitchen at Yorktown with these fun and simple recipes! Whether you’re planning a party or just making dessert for after dinner, everyone will love these sweet, chocolaty treats. Romantic Brownie Sundaes [Real Simple] Can you think of a […]

Helpful Tips for Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any New Year's resolutions for 2016? January 17th's known by some as "Ditch New Years Resolution Day": a day to admit to yourself that your big ambitions for working out daily, saving money regularly, or working toward some substantial goal might have been… well… a little too big. Of course, the year's […]

Kids’ Halloween Costumes That You Can Make Yourself at Yorktown

Who says the best Halloween costumes are store-bought? Not us! Here are a few kids' costume ideas that you can make right at home at Yorktown! Better still, these costumes are easy on the wallet, which means you'll have money left over for more important things — like extra bags of Halloween candy! 1) Meatballs […]

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