Make Going Back to School Fun!

August 4, 2022

With fall right around the corner, you might find yourself wondering where summer vacation went! Or maybe you and your little ones are excited about a new classroom and a fresh routine. Either way, the school year is coming—so it’s best to be prepared. Here are a few ways to make the transition into a school-year routine a little bit easier.


1. Start your back-to-school shopping early. It might be tempting to wait until the last week of summer vacation to stock up on pencils and binders, but don’t. The longer you wait, the more challenging time your kids will have finding everything on their back-to-school checklist. This can increase stress at an already stressful time. You’re better off shopping early to score everything easily.


2. Make counting down feel like a fun event. If your little ones express any anxiety about a new school year, make it feel like something to look forward to rather than something to dread. Consider starting a countdown that includes some sort of fun prize daily (think a piece of candy or a small toy), or maybe one that only includes tiny treats as the first day of school nears. Make a production about changing the number of days each morning and get everyone involved!


3. Set up a homework station for each child. While most of your child’s studies will occur within the four walls of their classroom, you’ll also be expected to help out at homework time. The best way to set your kids up for success is by creating a space where they can feel totally focused, without any distractions. Consider putting a desk and a chair in each child’s room, and make that space a no-phone zone. 


4. Brainstorm school lunch ideas everyone loves. The best way to get your children excited about something is, as you’ve probably learned, to get them involved. That goes for school lunches, too. Coming up with a menu before school starts might be the perfect way to help your kids feel like they have some control over the whole back-to-school process. Brainstorm bento box-style lunches, a few sandwich and salad ideas, and maybe plan a day or two per week or month when they can buy something special.


5. Help youngsters pick out a first-day outfit that gets them excited. Clothing can be a mode of expression for those both young and old. If your kids really enjoy putting together cool outfits, take them shopping for a special first-day ensemble. Even smaller kids might get excited about getting dressed if you let them pick out a T-shirt bearing their favorite TV character. If your children are excited about their duds, it’ll be a lot easier getting them out of the door that first day!



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