Here Are 5 Podcasts That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

January 30, 2018

Having trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolution? So are lots of other people. There’s no shame in losing steam — but if you want to pick it back up, check out these five motivational, inspiring podcasts across a variety of common New Year’s resolution topics.

  • TED Talks Health. Diet and exercise resolutions are some of the most common, and for good reason. Improving your diet, exercising more and taking control of your overall health will make you feel better and live longer, and these fascinating TED Talks are sure to get you back on track with your wellness goals.
  • Millennial Money. Get out of debt and start saving money by listening to this informational podcast, which teaches listeners about the reality of money today.
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job. If your resolution was to find a new job, start your own business or pursue your passion project, this podcast may be all you need to really get the ball rolling.
  • French Pod 101. Whether you’re looking to master a new language or brush up on your high school French skills, this fun podcast is a great way to learn French at any level.
  • Tribe of Mentors. Created by Tim Ferriss, author of the popular book The 4-Hour Work Week, this podcast features a different “mentor” each week who will provide his or her own life advice and keys to success.
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