Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet

October 9, 2017

Everyone loves a pet in a costume! One of our favorite ideas is adding an oversized TY collar to your four legged family member, turning him or her into a life-sized Beanie Baby. Check out some of these other great ideas! Feel free to share your pet costumes with us too.

  • Painted Skeleton. If your dog or cat has solid black fur, paint him or her like a skeleton with some pet-friendly white paint (i.e.. a brand that is lead/dye free, naturally pigmented, organic and with a vegetable and water base). Bonus points if it's a glow-in-the-dark paint!
  • Hairy Potter. Wrap a Gryffindor scarf around your pet's neck, DIY some round glasses and even add a lightning bolt scar if your pet's fur allows it!
  • Bride and Groom. Whether you have two pets or you're going trick-or-treating with a friend and their pet, there's nothing cuter than a four-legged bride and groom.
  • Chia Pet. DIY a plant "shirt" for your dog using faux leaves or vines to turn him or her into a life-sized Chia Pet!
  • Martini Glass. If your pet is wearing the "cone of shame" on Halloween, add a felt olive and a giant toothpick to turn it into a silly martini glass.
  • Spider-Dog. If your dog isn't the type to wear a full costume (without tearing it apart, that is), then fashion eight long legs with pipe cleaners and fur to turn him or her into Spider-Dog!
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